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Book autumn project

The book autumn project was aimed at distributing book subsidies through bookstores, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for bookstores to boost book reading in the fall of 1395. Software and telephone support of this project has been credited at the national level to the Ketab-Pardazan. web support

Ketab-Pardazan has started supporting of website, affiliated with the Book House institution, since September 2016. Considering 524 active publishers and having 22854000 book titles, the website is one of the largest online bookstores in Iran. Our expert programmers and graphic designers, were responsible for completing and updating the software section of this website and, together with our advanced call centre, support the website’s costumers 24/7.

Art exhibition website

At the same time with 23rd book week of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a specialized exhibition of art books has been started at the Academy of Art. The website of the exhibition has been designed by Ketab-Pardazan. Several features have been integrated into the website; including publishers’ registration feature for participation in the exhibition, the possibility of a centralized storage, a dedicated dashboard for publishers participating in the exhibition to determine the amount of sales, the number of customers, the timing of the book sale, etc.